BEE Project





The BEE Project is artist Mike Rowland's initiative designed to raise awareness of the declining bee populations worldwide. The situation is reversible and by helping the bees, we will ultimately be helping ourselves. Proudly supporting

The Xerces Society



So what can BEE done?


Plant a Flower!


You don't have to have a traditional garden space to make a difference. With many of us in high density living, setting up a  planter box is a contribution we can all make. Whether you grow native plants or vegetables, or your favourite flower, not only will you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, but you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling when a bee drops by for a feed and a visit. Like us, Bees thrive on variety. And by having diverse environments to live in, bee populations are stronger and healthier.



Buying Local & Organic


The biggest impact we can make is giving more consideration to the products we buy. By choosing to buy local and organic goods, not only does it support our immediate communities, but it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are getting a healthier, less processed product. At the same time, it's restoring our natural ecosystems, including our bee populations. Ultimately they provide us with nearly one third of the products that we consume. So it makes sense that we need to maintain their population, to maintain our population.


There are many great options these days, but the best place to start is your local farmers markets or the organic section in your supermarkets. Quick tip: Locally sourced honey is also great for allergies.


Maybe a Beehive?


It is becoming more and more common for a person to become an amateur beekeeper and it isn't as hard as you might think. Bees tend to look after themselves and their hive quite well and as a reward for allowing them to stay with you, they create more than enough honey to share around. Having the bees will help your local environment flourish and it's also incredible to watch them work.


There are many companies and individuals who can help you in determining your ability for a hive and set up. Typing "local beekeepers association" in your search engine is a good place to start.




We can also help by supporting the people working towards a solution.



Find amongst the honeycomb 21 charcoal bees drawn to show how amazing these little creatures are.



Proudly supporting

The Xerces Society

Thanks to all of you for getting involved. I assure you that even buying a little local honey will help make a big difference.


And one last thing..

Don't worry, bee happy!